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2024 Flame of Love All-Ireland CONFERENCE IN KNOCK

Theme: Ignite Our Youth & Unite Families

Friday and Saturday, May 17th & 18th 2024 


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The Irish Flame of Love Prayer Booklet, 2nd Edition  IS NOW AVAILABLE.

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If you would like to bring the Flame of Love to your parish and/or prayer group … let us know!

We are available and ready to bring the Flame of Love across all of Ireland. To do this, it would help if we were invited into parishes. If you would like:  

  • Talks in Parishes & Prayer Groups
  • Invite the Pilgrim Statue to your parish/home/prayer group
  • Flame of Love Candle Ceremony
  • Start a Flame of Love Cenacle (Prayer group) or Rosary in your home or parish

Bishop Arulselvam Rayappan, Bishop of the Diocese of Salem India

His Lordship attended the 2024 Extraordinary International Congress for the Flame of Love OIHM Movement in Singapore 1st – 7th March 2024

Pictured Here with: Kielty Oberlin, PhD, National Coordinator Ireland & Liz Ansah, National Coordinator UK

Read More about the 2024 International Extraordinary Congress in Singapore HERE

His Lordship has many resources available on YouTube. Click here for Bishop Rayappan’s Old and New Testament Bible Readings.

Welcome to the Flame of Love Movement IRELAND

We hope that you will find all that you need to learn about the Flame of Love Movement in Ireland and beyond.

The Flame of Love is not just another devotion. It is a MOVEMENT OF GRACE given to us by Our Blessed Mother through Her Divine Son, Jesus.

The Flame of Love gives us the means - through prayer, fasting and reparation - to GROW IN UNION WITH JESUS in order to BLIND SATAN and bring an end to Satan's influence which is so strong in our world today.

JESUS: "My Immaculate Mother's Flame of Love is to you what the Ark was for Noah!"



The Flame is Jesus Himself

This mission of grace was first entrusted to Elizabeth Kindelmann, a widowed mother in Communist Hungary and a Secular Carmelite who received messages from Jesus and Mary between 1961 to 1982. These messages were recorded into a diary which we have today.

When giving the Flame of Love to the Church on April 13, 1962, Mary said this would be "the greatest outpouring of graces since the Word was made flesh."

She told us that The Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart is not a what but a who; Jesus Himself. It is all about Jesus; it has always been about Jesus and it will always be about Jesus.

Mary: "My Immaculate Heart's Flame of Love is Jesus Himself!"

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What are the EFFECTS?

The Promises

The Flame of Love makes our parishes, families, and lives so full of Jesus by the power of grace, that Satan’s influence is broken. Once freed from the blinding influence of Satan, our families and communities are much more open to the Gospel and the way of salvation. It is for this reason we have been asked by our Blessed Mother to request:

“Spread the effect of grace of your Flame of Love over all of humanity”

The 5 Effects

Is the Movement CHURCH APPROVED?

Download Information to Share With Clergy

We are often asked if the Flame of Love is officially approved by the Church. It is and this section should help explain how and why. We have also included an Introduction letter from the Irish National Director of the Flame of Love Movement  for you to download to share with your parish priests and bishops.

The Movement received an Apostolic Blessing from Pope Francis on 19 June 2013

Church Approval

The HISTORY of Our Lady's Movement

The Flame began with Elizabeth Kindelmann (1913-1985)

The History 


Elizabeth Kindelmann

Elizabeth Szántò Kindelmann 


Elizabeth Szántò Kindelmann (1913-1985) was a widow, mother and a Lay Carmelite (OCD) as well as the recipient of 21 years of locutions with Mary and Jesus. Born in Budapest, she was the youngest of 13 children...

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Jesus: "My little sunflower,
Turn to Me!"

The History


The Spiritual Diary

On 6 June 2009 the original Hungarian Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann received the Imprimatur number 494-4/2009 from Cardinal Peter Erdö, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest and President of the Council of Episcopal Conferences of Europe. This authorised the publication of the messages given to Elizabeth by the Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother.

You can order the Spiritual Diary in Ireland
- through us by clicking the button here and emailing us your request
- through

The Spiritual Diary 

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The History

How the Movement Spread

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The Flame of Love Movement has recently been exploding around the world bringing a powerful force of renewal. In 2020 a small group of devotees made contact with John Sullivan, Assistant International Coordinator seeking support for Ireland. With the help from our brothers and sisters abroad (and in the middle of COVID lockdowns), Our Lady's Flame of Love Movement was ignited in Ireland...

The Flame's Spread to Ireland

The Flame of Love Movement is all About

The Salvation of Souls


By living the prayers given by Jesus and Mary (found in Elizabeth's Diary), we are promised to BLIND SATAN in order to SAVE SOULS! This includes those in our Families, our Parishes and throughout the Whole World!



We pray All Four Mysteries throughout the day. All our Welcome to Join us in our Flame of Love IRELAND Rosary and Eucharistic Adoration Room

MARY: "My little one and all of you my beloved children, be on alert. Satan wants to remove the ground of hope from beneath your feet. He knows very well that if he succeeds in doing this, he will have removed everything from your souls. If you lose hope, he does not even need to tempt you to sin. He who has lost hope is in terrible darkness. he no longer sees with the eyes of faith. For him. all virtue, everything that is good, loses its value. Oh my children, pray constantly for each other. Allow the outpouring of my graces to take effect in your souls."
(12 December 1981)

Find and Join a PRAYER CENACLE

You can find the Schedules and Links to: Weekly Irish and International Virtual Prayer Cenacles, Irish Virtual Monthly First Friday & First Saturday Reparation Cenacles & the link to the new Thursday International Reparation Cenacle. If you would like to join or start your own Cenacle (either in-person or virtually), let us know and we will help!

JESUS: "We must intensify prayer. We must sacrifice for world peace and for the salvation of souls. We must go to the limit."

JESUS: "Every parish must urgently form communities of prayer."

Virtual Irish Cenacles



Follow us on Facebook or Join our WhatsApp FOL Talk Group for any updates or changes to these times...

All Irish Virtual Cenacles are held in the Irish App.

Email us for the link to join.

In-Person Irish Cenacles


In-Person Cenacles are held in parishes or homes throughout Ireland. To protect privacy, we do not share contact details online.

Would like to join an existing cenacle or start your own? Email Us your interest.

Do you host a Flame of Love Cenacle? Consider registering it with us. If someone in your area wants to attend, we can let you know.

Virtual International Cenacles


SATURDAYS 1:00 AM (Friday night / Saturday morning)  

The International Cenacle is hosted every second week by our Flame of Love brothers and sisters around the globe via:

This is a beautiful way to participate with others while doing a night vigil! Please contact us or check our social media apps for the next cenacle date.

Join Irish & International VIRTUAL REPARATION HOURS

The Blessed Virgin instructed Elizabeth to “Make reparation. He has been offended so often.”

Mary: "On Thursday and Friday, I ask you, my daughter to offer a very special reparation to my Divine Son. This will be an hour for the family to make reparation."

Mary: "I asked for the First Saturdays and they never heeded my request."

Our Lady calls for Holy Hours of Reparation every Thursday. We seek to unite in our honour Jesus' Agony in the Garden and make reparation for the many offences inflicted upon Him. You may Join our Eucharistic Holy Hours in the Rosary Room at 3PM & 8PM or at any time Join the International Virtual PERPETUAL VIGIL ROOM (Link at the bottom of the page - please see Vigil Room Guidelines). Our Heavenly Mother desires to Unite Scattered Families. Bringing the family together in a holy our of prayer is also encouraged. MARY: "With my Flame of Love I want the home to come alive again. With love, I want to unite scattered families."

First Friday & Saturday
Reparation ROSARIES

Monthly: 7 AM, 3 PM, 8 PM, 11 PM
We offer all FOUR FLAME OF LOVE ROSARY MYSTERIES on the First Friday and First Saturday each month in Reparation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Fridays) and the Sacred Heart of Mary (First Saturdays). This will replace the cenacles which we were holding previously... We meet in the Irish ROSARY ROOM: folirlrosaryea at 7 AM, 3 PM, 8 PM and 11 PM