Introducing the New Flame of Love Prayer Book

by Marie Kelly, Literature Coordinator for the Flame of Love Movement, Ireland

A small team have been working on the new Flame of Love Prayer Book since Easter.  Our Printers have promised to print the new prayer books during the last week of September.  As soon as we receive them, we will be in touch then with those who have already contacted us to order the new Prayer Book. The books will be for sale at our forthcoming Flame of Love Mass on Saturday, 7th October in Bray in Dublin Oak Academy (Kilcroney Lane, Kilcroney Castle), where the new edition of the prayer book will be formally launched.

The Prayer Book was re-typed on new software with some new sections added:

  • the Flame of Love Chaplet of the Adored Jesus, 
  • prayer for the Intercession of Elizabeth Kindelmann,
  • how to join Jitsu for virtual rosaries and cenacles, 
  • how to register a physical Flame of Love Cenacle, 
  • ordering Flame of Love Literature including the Spiritual Diary,
  • a section about our Global Holy Hour of Reparation very Thursday and on our Virtual International Cenacle,
  • an outline of the Five Effects of the Flame of Love,
  • More Promises as well as Commands, Directions and Words given to Elizabeth Kindelmann.

The following sections were updated:

  • the introduction, 
  • the prayer intentions,
  • the weekly Flame of Love Daily Offerings,
  • each mystery of the rosary is now shown on 2 pages,
  • the rosary meditations have changed slightly in that we are now reading the words as given to Elizabeth Kindelmann; and the date of each meditation in the Spiritual Diary is now quoted,
  • the prayer for the spread of the Flame of Love has been moved into the Cenacle Prayers section.

We hope that the new edition of the Prayer Book will help to promote the Flame of Love Rosary and to encourage people to read the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann.  The Spiritual Diary is truly a beautiful book of love, as well as an instrument drawing all readers closer to God

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