Flame of Love IRELAND members attended LIGHT THE FIRE on the Hill of Slane, Co Meath, Sunday 6th August 2023

Archbishop Eamonn Martin celebrated mass on World Youth Day at Slane, in a Light the Fire of faith service featuring Sr Briege McKenna, Fr. Pable Escriva de Romani and, Eurovision’s Dana.

In the Spirit of World Youth Day, pilgrims from across Ireland are invited to join Archbishop Eamon Martin, at the Hill of Slane, County Meath on August 6th for rosary, mass, and healing service.

Dana, one of Ireland’s most famous singer/songwriters, will sing her new song, Light the Fire. Her new song is an anthem inspired by St Patrick’s lighting of the Easter fire at Slane in 433AD in defiance of King Laoire. In remembrance and to renew our faith in Ireland, the Paschal candle will also be lit as part of the ceremony.

If anyone has more pictures to share of the day, please forward to us!

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