Feast of the Flame Of Love 2024

Thank You to everyone who prayed with devotion for Our Lady’s cause to “Spread the the effect of grace of the Flame of Love” throughout Ireland and the World in anticipation of her Feast Day on 2nd February 2024.

Thank you to everyone who joined us online, in your own prayer groups and homes praying the Novena with us from 24th January to 1 February.

Thank you to Marie Kelly, Flame of Love Ireland Literature Coordinator to arranged a Flame of Love Talk and Candle Ceremony in her parish, St Cronan’s, Roscrea, Co Tipperary on 2nd February. We also thank Fr Autun who celebrated the mass and PP Fr John Molloy who gave permission for the mass and talk to be held. If anyone would like a recording of this mass, please email us.

We also want to thank Fr Terry O’Connell who offered a private mass with his new cenacle in Co. Limerick for Our Lady’s Flame of Love Feast Day. We welcome this new in-person cenacle and new Flame of Love members into the Family.

We also thank priests around Ireland who offered their masses for the Feast Day of Our Lady’s Flame of Love. Please let us continue to pray for our priests and for the spread of the Flame of Love throughout all of Ireland and the world. May this Flame of Love transform lukewarm hearts to those burning for love of Jesus.

Introducing the New Flame of Love Prayer Book

by Marie Kelly, Literature Coordinator for the Flame of Love Movement, Ireland

A small team have been working on the new Flame of Love Prayer Book since Easter.  Our Printers have promised to print the new prayer books during the last week of September.  As soon as we receive them, we will be in touch then with those who have already contacted us to order the new Prayer Book. The books will be for sale at our forthcoming Flame of Love Mass on Saturday, 7th October in Bray in Dublin Oak Academy (Kilcroney Lane, Kilcroney Castle), where the new edition of the prayer book will be formally launched.

The Prayer Book was re-typed on new software with some new sections added:

  • the Flame of Love Chaplet of the Adored Jesus, 
  • prayer for the Intercession of Elizabeth Kindelmann,
  • how to join Jitsu for virtual rosaries and cenacles, 
  • how to register a physical Flame of Love Cenacle, 
  • ordering Flame of Love Literature including the Spiritual Diary,
  • a section about our Global Holy Hour of Reparation very Thursday and on our Virtual International Cenacle,
  • an outline of the Five Effects of the Flame of Love,
  • More Promises as well as Commands, Directions and Words given to Elizabeth Kindelmann.

The following sections were updated:

  • the introduction, 
  • the prayer intentions,
  • the weekly Flame of Love Daily Offerings,
  • each mystery of the rosary is now shown on 2 pages,
  • the rosary meditations have changed slightly in that we are now reading the words as given to Elizabeth Kindelmann; and the date of each meditation in the Spiritual Diary is now quoted,
  • the prayer for the spread of the Flame of Love has been moved into the Cenacle Prayers section.

We hope that the new edition of the Prayer Book will help to promote the Flame of Love Rosary and to encourage people to read the Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann.  The Spiritual Diary is truly a beautiful book of love, as well as an instrument drawing all readers closer to God

Flame of Love Holy Mass in Bray, Co Wicklow

7th October 2023 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM


With Fr Joseph Fazio, LC as
Dear Flame of Love Devotees, 

The Flame of Love Movement of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Movement IRELAND is planning a First Saturday Holy Mass with a Flame of Love Talk and Rosary in Dublin Oak Boy’s Academy, Bray, Co Wicklow on 7th October 2023. This is especially poignant as the 7th of October is not only a First Saturday, but it is also theFeast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

Day’s Events

  • Flame of Love TALK 
  • HOLY MASS celebrated by Fr Joseph Fazio, LC
  • BLESSING the new Flame of Love Pilgrim Statue
  • Lighting and Passing the Flame of Love CANDLE CEREMONY
  • LUNCH with Q&A
  • Flame of Love LITERATURE will be available (Prayer Cards, Diaries, Booklets)
Dublin Oak Boys’ Academy Chapel, Dublin Oak Academy, Kilcroney Lane, Eircode A98 T021
Candle Service to Spread the Flame of Love (we are lighting our Flame of Love candle with a flame brought from the Hill of Slane as we pray to ignite hearts with love of God throughout all of Ireland).
Blessing of our new Pilgrim Statue before she begins her journey around Ireland. If anyone would like to invite her to your home, prayer group and/or parish, please contact us at info@flameoflove.ie to arrange.

A Note on Lunch …

All are invited to ….

bring your own lunch and continue our discussion after the services. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided. This will be an opportunity to ask questions, get to know each other and browse available Flame of Love Literature.


By Car:  Southbound on the M11 just crossing into Co. Wicklow, it turns back into N11.  Take Exit 7 and stay left and you come to the roundabout where there is a Circle K and there take the first exit, cross over the motorway and come to a second roundabout and there take the first exit towards Kilcroney.  At about 250 meters to the right is the entrance to Dublin Oak Academy.  Take the driveway past the pitches and first building until you come to the castle. There is plenty of parking. If you’re taking the northbound on the M11/N11 it’s easier: just pass Kilmacanogh and take Exit 7 and you come to the same roundabout and you’re only 250 meters away.

By Dart: take it to Bray and then get a taxi.

Flame of Love IRELAND members attended LIGHT THE FIRE on the Hill of Slane, Co Meath, Sunday 6th August 2023

Archbishop Eamonn Martin celebrated mass on World Youth Day at Slane, in a Light the Fire of faith service featuring Sr Briege McKenna, Fr. Pable Escriva de Romani and, Eurovision’s Dana.

In the Spirit of World Youth Day, pilgrims from across Ireland are invited to join Archbishop Eamon Martin, at the Hill of Slane, County Meath on August 6th for rosary, mass, and healing service.

Dana, one of Ireland’s most famous singer/songwriters, will sing her new song, Light the Fire. Her new song is an anthem inspired by St Patrick’s lighting of the Easter fire at Slane in 433AD in defiance of King Laoire. In remembrance and to renew our faith in Ireland, the Paschal candle will also be lit as part of the ceremony.

If anyone has more pictures to share of the day, please forward to us!


Rally for Life 2023

Flame of Love IRELAND had a stand and members participated in the walk in the RALLY FOR LIFE, Sat 1st July 2023

May our feet journey together. May our hands gather in unity. May our hearts beat in unison. May our souls be in harmony. May our thoughts be as one…

The Flame of Love Unity Prayer seemed to be a lived experience by all who attended in prayerful support of the unborn at the Rally for Life in Dublin.

Frances Devaney, Spokesperson; Geraldine Halton, Secretary; Marie Kelly, Literature Coordinator and Kielty Oberlin, National Coordinator were among those in Dublin in Dublin

Irish Flame of Love Conference 2023

by Geraldine Halton

In photo from left to right: Marie Kelly, Joe Sheehan, Geraldine Halton, Fr. Joseph Fazio, Kielty Oberlin, Frances Devaney, Eileen Boden and Alice Gibson. Missing from the photograph were Dymphna Largey and Claire Ozzy

We thank God for the Spirit filled event which took place 5/6th May. We were blessed to have Fr. Fazio for the second year in a row. We thank those who travelled from all over Ireland, the UK and Germany. We also thank all those who gave their personal testimonies.

Fiona Connolly started the first Cenacle in Ireland in St. Michaels, Killeen, Newry before we had any prayer cards or Cenacle booklets. We thank Fiona for coming to our Conference to share her story with us. She also shared her Flame of Love with us for the event. We are so grateful and it has enkindled our desire to acquire our own pilgrim statue…

From left to right: Fiona Connolly, Kielty Oberlin

We were also joined by Flame of Love Devotees from the UK: Liz Ansah; Pauline Gallagher; Mary Martin; Charles and Adelina McEwan. We thank them for travelling to the conference. Liz gave a moving testimony of Our Lady calling her back to the Flame of Love while in Medjugorje. Liz is now the UK National Coordinator.

From left to right: Liz Ansah, Pauline Gallagher, Helga Schwartz, Mary Martin

We also thank Kate Mulligan Doherty for agreeing to come to speak with us and recounting her amazing story and deeply personal relationship with Jesus. She brought lots of insight into the value of suffering and shared with us her story of receiving the gift to suffer with Joy. Kate gave us hope for our family members with her humorous account of introducing the Unity Prayer to her husband. Kate brought relics of several saints and let each of us spend time praying with each relic. Fr. Fazio blessed everyone present with the relics. 

Kate Mulligan

We were also delighted to have Paul Oglesby, Ireland’s spark for the Flame of love movement, also join us in Dromantine, as Paul has been ill. 

Frances Devaney
Eileen Boden
Dymphna Largey

Flame of Love Ireland at the 2023 DIVINE MERCY CONFERENCE Dublin RDS

We thank all who met and helped us at our Flame of Love Ireland stand at the DIVINE MERCY CONFERENCE 2023 in RDS, Dublin. What a blessing to be gathered celebrating God’s Mercy together. 

The link below will take you to videos of all the Spirit-filled speakers: Fr James Blount; Fr Chris Alar; Fr Hayden Williams; and Sr Mary Claire Kenneally.

We also invite you to watch the Flame of Love video that was created for our table display by Maria Sanchez of the Flame of Love USA & PH for our table display. We thank and bless you, Maria!

2023 All-Ireland CONFERENCE

Hello Flame of Love Devotees,

Registration is now OPEN (until 18/4/23) for our 2nd All-Ireland Conference in Dromantine Retreat Centre, Newry, Co Down on 5-6th May 2023 to gather together to share in Prayer, Fellowship & Formation. All are Welcome but Registration is Required.

You will find below: Instructions for the 2 Step Registration   (with a breakdown of costs) Payment followed by our Conference Agenda. If you previously pre-registered, please follow the same instructions for registration and payment contained in this email. We will send a more itemised agenda and information about Dromantine Retreat Centre once registration is completed.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email usWe pray that we see as many of you on the 5-6th of May 2023 as possible. It will be a blessed opportunity to support one another in living and spreading the Flame of Love throughout our country and beyond. And finally, we ask for your prayers for the success of this event and look forward to hearing and meeting you.

God Bless,

On Behalf of The Leadership Working Group

AGENDA will Include:






    • A CHANCE TO PICK UP IRISH FLAME OF LOVE MATERIALS (Prayer Cards, Diaries, Booklets)

We ask for your prayers for the success of the gathering of Our Lady’s Flame of Love Devotees in Ireland and look forward to hearing from you.

God Bless,

On Behalf of The Leadership Working Group

ANNOUNCING: The Flame of love NOVENA Begins 24th JANUARY 2023

by Geraldine Halton on January 2023

In Preparation for the FEAST DAY of the FLAME OF LOVE OF THE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY, on 2nd February (which is shared with Candlemas), we will begin to pray our 9-Day Flame of Love Novena on Tuesday January 24th. The Novena will finish on Wednesday, 1st February which is the Vigil of the FEAST DAY and also St. Brigid’s Day. 

The intention for this 2023 Novena is to promote the spread of the Flame of Love into more and more Irish Parishes with a special focus on men and youth. 

We will pray each day of the Novena Prayers at our usual online Cenacles in the jit.si, folirlcar23 Room and at the 8pm Rosary in the  jit.si, folirlrosaryea Room.

The NOVENA DAILY MEDITATIONS can also be found in Section Three of our IRISH FLAME OF LOVE REFERENCE BOOK OF PRAYERS and accessed on the HOMEPAGE of our website https://flameoflove.ie or simply by CLICKING HERE

MARY: “Put immediately into action the outpouring of graces of my Flame of Love. To your group, I give a wonderful strength to all and to each one in particular. Your responsibility is great but your work will not be in vain. There must not be a single soul missing in this common effort. The soft light of my Flame of Love will light up, spreading fire over the entire surface of the earth. Satan, humiliated and reduced to powerlessness, will not be able to exercise his power. However, do not seek to prolong these birth pangs.”

Spiritual Diary of Elizabeth Kindelmann, 27 November 1963

SOCIAL MEDIA & Flame of Love Movement IRELAND

by Geraldine Halton on January 2023

Please visit our Flame of Love IRELAND Facebook and Instagram pages, LIKE & SHARE

Our newest member to the working group is Claire Turley (Ozzy), who has taken on the Role as Social Media Coordinator. She is in charge of posting all our news via Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Claire has also volunteered to help with the Newsletter and has led some of our Online Daily Rosary times. We are so grateful for Claire’s help in spreading Our Blessed Mother’s Flame of Love via Social Media. If anyone would like to help Claire, please let us know be emailing us at info@flameoflove.ie or to Claire directly at SMedia@flameoflove.ie

Also, if you haven’t checked out our Social Media Platforms (Facebook and Instagram), please do so, like and share with others!