Our Mother’s Flame of Love at Divine Mercy Conference, Dublin, 2024

Thank you to all who helped to make our 2nd year at the Dublin Divine Mercy Conference a blessed event!

2024 Divine Mercy Conference in the RDS Dublin from the 23rd to 25th February

  • It is wonderful to meet people who are new to the Flame of Love as well as those who are already familiar with it. It is so uplifting to meet members who we pray with throughout the year online, from all over Ireland, in our rosaries and Cenacles and meet them in person at the conference. 
  • Thank you to the lady  who told us her story, that she was sick last winter, and one night in a dream, the name Elizabeth Kindlemann came to her. This meant nothing to her and the next morning she googled the name and that was her first introduction to the Flame of love. She then came to the Divine Mercy Conference 2023 and heard Fr. Blount for the first time. 
  • We thank, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, the lady who saw our request for donations and came over with a cheque for the Flame of Love Movement. 
  • It was wonderful to meet Peter who felt a voice telling him to get a stone slab of the Unity Prayer for his garden (see attached photo).
  • We keep in our prayers the lady who  lost two of  her sons to drug use. May the Lord give her strength and  may they rest in peace.
  • Another lady who is growing in her faith, was handed The Unity Prayer card at a prayer group, along with her friend. Afterwards she was in spiritual darkness, in despair, late at night, she phoned her friend, and asked for help, her friend told her to pray the Unity prayer and straight away the darkness lifted. She described it as going from night to day.

May the seeds that were scattered in Dublin reach all four corners of Ireland igniting hearts for love of Jesus!

Feast of the Flame Of Love 2024

Thank You to everyone who prayed with devotion for Our Lady’s cause to “Spread the the effect of grace of the Flame of Love” throughout Ireland and the World in anticipation of her Feast Day on 2nd February 2024.

Thank you to everyone who joined us online, in your own prayer groups and homes praying the Novena with us from 24th January to 1 February.

Thank you to Marie Kelly, Flame of Love Ireland Literature Coordinator to arranged a Flame of Love Talk and Candle Ceremony in her parish, St Cronan’s, Roscrea, Co Tipperary on 2nd February. We also thank Fr Autun who celebrated the mass and PP Fr John Molloy who gave permission for the mass and talk to be held. If anyone would like a recording of this mass, please email us.

We also want to thank Fr Terry O’Connell who offered a private mass with his new cenacle in Co. Limerick for Our Lady’s Flame of Love Feast Day. We welcome this new in-person cenacle and new Flame of Love members into the Family.

We also thank priests around Ireland who offered their masses for the Feast Day of Our Lady’s Flame of Love. Please let us continue to pray for our priests and for the spread of the Flame of Love throughout all of Ireland and the world. May this Flame of Love transform lukewarm hearts to those burning for love of Jesus.