Irish Flame of Love Conference 2023

by Geraldine Halton

In photo from left to right: Marie Kelly, Joe Sheehan, Geraldine Halton, Fr. Joseph Fazio, Kielty Oberlin, Frances Devaney, Eileen Boden and Alice Gibson. Missing from the photograph were Dymphna Largey and Claire Ozzy

We thank God for the Spirit filled event which took place 5/6th May. We were blessed to have Fr. Fazio for the second year in a row. We thank those who travelled from all over Ireland, the UK and Germany. We also thank all those who gave their personal testimonies.

Fiona Connolly started the first Cenacle in Ireland in St. Michaels, Killeen, Newry before we had any prayer cards or Cenacle booklets. We thank Fiona for coming to our Conference to share her story with us. She also shared her Flame of Love with us for the event. We are so grateful and it has enkindled our desire to acquire our own pilgrim statue…

From left to right: Fiona Connolly, Kielty Oberlin

We were also joined by Flame of Love Devotees from the UK: Liz Ansah; Pauline Gallagher; Mary Martin; Charles and Adelina McEwan. We thank them for travelling to the conference. Liz gave a moving testimony of Our Lady calling her back to the Flame of Love while in Medjugorje. Liz is now the UK National Coordinator.

From left to right: Liz Ansah, Pauline Gallagher, Helga Schwartz, Mary Martin

We also thank Kate Mulligan Doherty for agreeing to come to speak with us and recounting her amazing story and deeply personal relationship with Jesus. She brought lots of insight into the value of suffering and shared with us her story of receiving the gift to suffer with Joy. Kate gave us hope for our family members with her humorous account of introducing the Unity Prayer to her husband. Kate brought relics of several saints and let each of us spend time praying with each relic. Fr. Fazio blessed everyone present with the relics. 

Kate Mulligan

We were also delighted to have Paul Oglesby, Ireland’s spark for the Flame of love movement, also join us in Dromantine, as Paul has been ill. 

Frances Devaney
Eileen Boden
Dymphna Largey

Flame of Love Ireland at the 2023 DIVINE MERCY CONFERENCE Dublin RDS

We thank all who met and helped us at our Flame of Love Ireland stand at the DIVINE MERCY CONFERENCE 2023 in RDS, Dublin. What a blessing to be gathered celebrating God’s Mercy together. 

The link below will take you to videos of all the Spirit-filled speakers: Fr James Blount; Fr Chris Alar; Fr Hayden Williams; and Sr Mary Claire Kenneally.

We also invite you to watch the Flame of Love video that was created for our table display by Maria Sanchez of the Flame of Love USA & PH for our table display. We thank and bless you, Maria!